DevOps for Systems of Record – DevOps Summit Melbourne 21st of November

Update – The DevOps summit has been postponed until early next year.

This time I just want to provide a quick teaser about my upcoming talk at the DevOps summit in Melbourne about DevOps for Systems of Record. I will highlight in this talk my experiences from two case studies, one with Mainframe and one with Siebel and share lessons learned.

IBM_Blue_Gene_P_supercomputerThe talk will highlight four different principles of dealing with Systems of Records in your DevOps adoption:
Principle 1 – Overcoming Culture
Principle 2 – Tenacity over Vendor Advice
Principle 3 – A word about Maturity Models
Principle 4 – DevOps changes everything

After the talk I will provide a more detailed post about the topic, but for now you will have to come over to the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre to hear me speak about it. Check this link for details about the summit:

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